The Spectrum – Salt Lake Gaming Con has ‘leveled up’

(The Spectrum) When Jake Williams took home a world championship title for his skills at the tabletop game HeroClix in 2013, he got sponsorship for gaming began getting involved in a number of gaming conventions across the nation.

These events, where gamers of all types meet to play and try new systems and games, was something absent from the Utah convention scene.

Williams wanted to change that.

“I used to throw concerts for a living for a lot of years,” he says. “I thought, we should do (a gaming convention) in Salt Lake City! I have an entertainment background, and I thought it’d just make sense to jump in and try it.”

So taking matters into his own hands, he organized Salt Lake Gaming Con, which premiered in 2015.

“We thought we knew what we were doing,” Williams says with a laugh. “Coming from concerts, we thought it would be easy. There was a lot more work involved than we ever thought. It was a lot more intense than we ever thought it was going to be.”

“We learned a lot, but we still have a lot to learn,” he adds.

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