Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017

The Leonardo


    APPEARING: Both Days
    KNOWN FOR: Museum
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    The Leonardo, located in the heart of Salt Lake City, is a unique museum where visitors can explore the unexpected ways that science, technology, art, and creativity connect.  The educational philosophy of the museum is inspired by the Renaissance figure Leonardo da Vinci because of his willingness to follow his curiosity and his general belief that the arts and sciences were a part of the same enterprise. The museum is founded on the idea that Leonardo’s approach is even more relevant today, as it has become harder to synthesize the incredible amount of information available to us in the modern age. Human beings live in a rapidly changing, highly connected world that asks each person to be more curious, informed and engaged. The Leonardo seeks to reflect and respond to this new world by creating a dynamic space that builds fluency and knowledge, ignites the imagination of visitors of all ages, and inspires them to see and act in new and powerful ways. The museum’s program is aimed to attract those individuals, families, and businesses who can help to create and stimulate Utah’s innovation economy.

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