Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 Feature

Sword Fighting Arena


    APPEARING: Both Days
    KNOWN FOR: Live Action Sword Fighting


    Do you miss it? The honor… the glory… the lust for battle? How about the most exercise you will get at Gaming Con?

    We are excited to announce that a visitor favorite attraction is coming back! The Belegarth Sword Fighting Arena has been a fan favorite since Salt Lake Gaming Con started, where you can be trained and then fight in medieval battles. Our weapons allow most to participate.

    Come see why so many visitors look forward to getting whacked over and over, then come back begging for more! Learn to play in just a few minutes, and then go out and claim your own slice of fame! Do you have the resolve to claim your own title as Master of the Arena!?!

    Now for the boring stuff… anyone younger than 18 will need to have a NOTARIZED signature on the waiver or a legal guardian present on site.

    We suggest parents review some videos of Belegarth so they are aware of what their children want to do–>

    Click the link for the minor waiver–>

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