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Space Balrogs


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    Space Balrogs is a troupe of authors who present fantastic and funny interactive panels, the most popular being Choose Your Own Apocalypse.

    James Wymore

    James Wymore’s love of games goes back to his Viking ancestors who used to spend long winters indoors. When he’s not writing, he plays everything from cards to video games, and dabbles in chess. Once ranked #7 in the world in OverPower, a superhero themed CCG, most of the games he designs go with his books. James recently released The Actuator RPG (a module for any gaming system, Final Redoubt Press, 2017) based on his bestselling Actuator book series. You can find it free on his website along with other games he’s made:

    Jason King

    Jason King wishes he was raised on a desert planet by his aunt and uncle and watched over by a mysterious old recluse, but his life is much duller than that. He supposes that’s why he started making up stories. Born in Salt Lake City Utah, Jason grew up on a steady diet of anime, science fiction, Dungeons and Dragons, JRPG’s, and chocolate cake donuts. He got skinny and pretended not to be a nerd just long enough to get married and start a family. And although dismayed by the revelation that Jason was a geek, his wife stuck with him and they are now the proud parents of four beautiful children. Jason holds a bachelor’s degree in I.T. Management and is currently the Internet Marketing Manager for a local bookstore chain, but he is determined to one day quit his “9 to 5” and write full-time. He is a proud anonymous member of the Space Balrogs troupe, and he speaks Labrador.

    Holli Anderson

    Holli Anderson has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing—which has nothing to do with writing, except maybe by adding some descriptive injury and vomit scenes to her books. She discovered her joy of writing during a very trying period in her life when escaping into make-believe saved her. She enjoys reading any book she gets her hands on, but has a particular love for anything fantasy. Holli is a member of the elite group, Space Balrogs, a troupe of authors who present hilarious interactive convention events.

    Craig Nybo

    Craig Nybo lives with his beautiful wife and kids in Kaysville, UT. He works as a creative director for, a digital agency. Craig writes novels, short fiction, and screenplays. Craig belongs to an exclusive writers group called The Space Balrogs. With the Balrogs, he tours conventions and other events to perform theater-style panels with plenty of audience appeal. As a musician, he has released several records with friends under the band names Rustmonster and The Big Sky Country Boys. Craig also records solo work. He has released three records under his own name, Zombie Sing-a-long, and a sequel album, Zombie Sing-a-long: Whistler and the Children (Part 1). As a filmmaker, Craig has written and directed many short films. He also writes and directs many commercials and industrial videos as part of his profession. Aside from writing, Craig enjoys playing in the Rocky Mountains, rock climbing and canyoneering.

    Robert J Defendi

    Robert J Defendi was one of the writers for Savage Seas for the game Exalted. He’s worked on Spycraft, Shadowforce Archer and the Stargate SG1 roleplaying game. He wrote the current incarnation of Spacemaster. As the publisher of Final Redoubt Press, he designed and released the critically acclaimed setting The Echoes of Heaven. He was featured in Writers of the Future XIX, and When Darkness Comes. He’s the author of the successful podcast audiobook Death by Cliché. He’s featured in Space Eldritch, Space Eldritch II, and Redneck Eldritch, as well as Actuator 3: Chaos Chronicles and the Curiosity Quills: Darkscapes anthology.

    Death by Cliché was his first published novel.

    Robert J Defendi was born in Dubuque, IA (in accordance with prophecy). He reads voraciously, if you consider audiobooks reading (which you shouldn’t). He has yet to find, conquer, and rule a small Central American country (but I think we all know that’s inevitable). He is neither Team Jacob nor Team Edward (he is sympathetic to Team Guy-Who-Almost-Hit-Bella-With-A-Truck). He shamelessly stole that last joke.

    It’s Bob Defendi when he writes comedy. It’s Robert J Defendi for all other writing projects. No period after the J. Because he’s an ass who likes to make things difficult for publishers, that’s why.

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