Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 Guest

John Lester


    KNOWN FOR: You Tube Gamer
    RSVP: Facebook

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    In 2008 John decided to start a YouTube gaming channel called Gamester81, where he reviews rare and retro video game systems and games.  He was one of the earlier gaming channels on YouTube, and since he started it, his show has close to 18.5 million total views, and over a 105,000 total subscribers. He is also one of the hosts of the All Gen Gamers podcast, which is a popular gaming podcast for people and video games of all generations. In early 2013, John started producing video games. His first game Gamester81: The Video Game came out for the ColecoVision (his favorite console), and in early 2014 John joined the team at CollectorVision Games as Co-Owner and Head of Marketing.   CollectorVision Games ( is a unique indie game company that produces new games for classic consoles including the Atari 2600, ColecoVision, Intellivision, NES, Super Nintendo, Genesis, and Game Boy Advance. Later this year they are set to release their first game on modern platforms called Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan, set to release on Steam, Xbox One, PS4, Vita, and Nintendo platforms.

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