Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 Guest

Danielle Powers


    Danielle is an independent game developer, concept artist, and illustrator local to Salt Lake City. Enamored with worldbuilding and far off universes, she has dedicated her art to explore the unknown and designing the people and creatures that could live there. As a founding member of Gravity Well Studios, she has worked on varied projects ranging from the original Steam/PC title, DIVE: Starpath, to comic books such as The Vigil. Her most recent (and ambitious) project to date, space runner DIVE: Starpath was successfully greenlit on Steam in 2016, presented at GDC, and looks forward to launching in late 2017. She will be tabling as an artist at Salt Lake Gaming Con and Salt Lake Comic Con this year and looks forward to engaging with fellow creatives and gamers. In the interim, you can find her in front of the Cintiq or buried in a sketchbook.

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