Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 Guest

Chaotic Fusion


    NAME: Chaotic Fusion – The Poisoned Pawn: A Tex Murphy Adventure
    APPEARING: Both Days
    KNOWN FOR: Game Developer


    In this cyberpunk, dystopian sci-fi adventure, you play as Tex Murphy in a post-apocalyptic New San Francisco that’s risen from the ashes of World War III. It’s a city of glitz and glamour hiding a sinister undertone: a population segregated between those immune to the nuclear fallout (Norms) and those less fortunate (Mutants) who reside in the remnants of Old San Francisco. In this latest adventure, the year is 2050. Taking place shortly after the events of Tesla Effect, you must revisit some of Tex’s most gripping cases to decipher his true past, and prepare him for an uncertain future.

    Chaotic Fusion is working in partnership with Big Finish Games on the next title in the Tex Murphy adventure game series. This is a full 3D, first person point-and-click action/adventure video game, which will be showcased with a full Oculus Rift Virtual Reality setup, complete with touch/hand controllers.

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