Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017 Guest

Brian Wiser


    APPEARING: Both Days
    KNOWN FOR: Documentary Producer/Director
    RSVP: Facebook

    *Panels are subject to change or cancellation. 


    Brian Wiser is a producer/director best known for the 2006 documentary film “Done The Impossible: The Fans’ Tale of Firefly & Serenity,” featuring interviews with Joss Whedon, the cast, crew, and fans. In 2005, Brian was cast as an extra in Joss Whedon’s movie “Serenity.” He brought some of the Firefly cast aboard his Browncoat Cruise and recruited several of the Firefly cast to appear in a film for charity. WEBSITES:

    Brian is also an Apple consultant, historian, and archivist. He designed, edited and co-produced several books including “Cyber Jack: The Adventures of Robert Clardy and Synergistic Software,” “Nibble Viewpoints: Business Insights From the Computing Revolution,” and “The WOZPAK: Special Edition” – a book about Steve Wozniak’s Apple II computer with his restored handwritten notes.

    His writing, interviews, and books are featured on the technology news site and in Call-A.P.P.L.E. magazine that he co-produces. Brian also co-produced the retro iOS game “Structris.”

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