SL Tribune – Salt Lake Gaming Con: Giant gaming convention planned in Salt Lake City


(Salt Lake Tribune) One of Jake Williams’ favorite childhood memories was playing Mortal Kombat and other games at the arcade.

“But you don’t get that anymore, you know?” Williams said, sitting in a Salt Lake City coffee shop. “Everything’s at home now. You don’t get to sit down and play with somebody. You know when someone used to pop a quarter in, [and you wonder] are they better than me, are they going to beat me, you know what I mean? I miss that little pit in your stomach. … Online, it’s not the same.”

So he’s bringing that moment back, in a big way. He and his team of gamers and organizers are throwing a convention, Salt Lake Gaming Con, Aug. 6-8 at the Southtowne Expo Center in Sandy. They plan to cover the convention floor with hundreds of video games and table-top games — including card, dice and board games — and give people a chance to compete for prizes in tournaments.

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