Utah Business – Salt Lake Comic Con Takes 50 Percent Stake in Salt Lake Gaming Con

Utah Business – Salt Lake City—On Friday, Dan Farr Productions, producer of the instantly successful Salt Lake Comic Con, announced that they have acquired a 50 percent ownership stake in Salt Lake Gaming Con.

Salt Lake Gaming Con is one of the top 10 gaming conventions in the United States, with its inaugural three-day event drawing more than 15,000 gamers. Salt Lake Gaming Con features video games, board games, gaming tournaments and competitions, and a variety of other activities, making it the perfect fit for gaming fans of all interests.

Dan Farr and Bryan Brandenburg founded Salt Lake Comic Con in 2013 and in just six events have built it into one of the country’s largest comic cons. The duo not only produced Salt Lake Comic Con, but also created the marketing strategy that made it the largest first-time comic con in North America, became the most attended convention in Utah, and attracted some of the biggest celebrities in the business, including Chris Evans, Jeremy Renner, Sebastian Stan and Marvel legend Stan Lee.

“We’re committed to doing everything we can to provide our fans in the Rocky Mountain area with fun, unique and once-in-a-lifetime events, and Salt Lake Gaming Con meets all of these requirements,” said Farr. “It will be exciting to watch gaming fans of all ages interact with and compete against fellow gamers in an environment that encourage them to follow their gaming passions.”

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