Deseret News- With 3rd event on the way, Salt Lake Gaming Con touts partnership with local comic con

(Deseret News) SALT LAKE CITY — Salt Lake Gaming Con announced its third convention Thursday, the first year that organizers say guests will see the impact of a partnership with the prominent Salt Lake Comic Con.

The two-day interactive event is designed to let attendees play in all kinds of ways, with the range of activities planned for Salt Lake Gaming Con including video games, table top and board games, interactive escape room challenges for groups, a dart gun zone and, of course, costumes.

“The thing about gaming con is that we always keep trying to hit back home. What kind of experience can we give you that you can’t get at home?” said Jake Williams, the event’s founder.

As an example, Williams hearkened back to the arcade era, when gaming was a social activity that got people out of their homes and meeting new people. Now, as video games are primarily played on home consoles, Williams hopes to re-create some of the arcade feeling he enjoyed as a kid, extending to a number of different activities.

“We want to provide an environment where people can basically just get together and have a lot of fun,” he said.

Williams also called Utah “the largest board game market in the nation,” and gaming con will offer a “board game library” of 700 games that guests can try out.

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