Salt Lake Gaming Con 2017


SLGC Kid Con Activities

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  • Tower Tumble

    Do you have what it takes to build the tallest tower in the kingdom? This giant coopetitive game requires skill, planning, and possibly a little help to reach the highest blocks. Tales tell of skilled builders able to balance beams to over four feet.

  • Item Crafting

    Remember those good old days when games were measured in bits and bytes and you could sit down with your friends and play together on the couch? Bring those memories to life in our Item Crafting area where sprites turn into delights you can take home.

  • Green Screen Heroes

    Dress as you are or as your favorite avatar and get your picture taken in a distant digital landscape. Prints are available to commemorate your trip through the Kid Con area and the Crafting, Karting, and fun you had there.

  • AND MORE!!

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