Deseret News- Salt Lake Gaming Con kicks off two days of play time

(Deseret News) SANDY — Grinning widely, 6-year-old Maxwell Wilkinson launched back and forth between three classic pinball machines.

With his chin hovering just above the edge of the game and his arms hugging the sides as he reached for the buttons, the boy’s face lit up each time he successfully flicked the silver ball off the bumpers, calling out “oohs” and “aahs” as it ricocheted.

“Video games are my favorite things, but I also like these ones,” Max explained, gesturing to the line of pinball machines.

Standing behind him, his father smiled just as enthusiastically, waiting for the boy to bounce off to another activity.

The father and son from Millcreek chose Salt Lake Gaming Con for a weekend together. Offering ticketed guests unlimited play of video games, board games and other activities, the two-day convention at the South Towne Expo Center was a good fit for both him and his son, Michael Wilkinson said.

“He comes to play games with the grownups. We just really enjoy games of all kinds,” Wilkinson said. “He’s into a lot of things, and my wife and I always encourage whatever he’s into.”

Max has a diverse set of interests, including soccer and snorkeling, his father explained. While Max especially enjoys video games, his parents carefully limit his screen time, his father said, so spending two whole days playing will be a treat.

Now in its third year, Salt Lake Gaming Con kicked off its annual event Friday morning joined by the founders of Salt Lake Comic Con, which bought out half the company last summer.

Gaming Con founder Jake Williams said the event aims to provide “something for everyone.”

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